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Mileseey PF210 600mt Laser Range Finder with Slope Correction

Brand: Mileseey

Model: PF210 600 Metre Laser Range Finder 

Product Features

- Slope correction for both uphill and downhill slopes 

- Vibrating pin lock system

- Accurate to 0.5 metre with 6 x magnified lens and clear readings

- Lightweight and portable

- CR2 Battery Included and Premium Carry Case

Product Description

The Mileseey PF210 600 Metre Laser Rangefinder is one of the best value Rangefinders currently on the market.  The Milessey is accurate to within 0.5 metres and has a 6 x magnified lens for clear readings.  The PF210 has a pin lock system to dial in your shots and a slope adjustment mode for adjusted readings on slopes.

Comes complete with a carry case to keep your rangefinder protected. 

Mileseey PF210 600mt Laser Range Finder with Slope Correction Review

Laser rangefinders have been revolutionary in enabling golfers of all abilities to determine the exact distance from their ball to the target. As impressive as this may be, the high price tag of these devices has turned off even the biggest golf fanatic.

Fortunately, we are beginning to see more affordable laser rangefinders come to the market. This means that you no longer need deep pockets to receive accurate yardage readings.


In this post, we are conducting a review of the Mileseey PF210 600mt Laser Range Finder. We will identify the features and benefits and help you decide if this device would add value to your game.

Who are Mileseey?

Based in Shenzhen, China. Mileseey Technology Company has spent the last ten years developing ways for laser measurement technology to be more affordable without sacrificing quality.

Mileseey currently produce a number of different laser measuring products for the construction industury.

Features and Benefits of The Mileseey PF210 Laser Range Finder

Slope Function

Mileseey’s Slope adjusted mode on the PF210 helps you to receive accurate yardage readings from your ball to the target. The slope mode factors in the angle between your ball and the target to ensure optimal accuracy.

Flag Lock

This feature adds to the convenience of the PF210 by vibrating when it locks onto the flagstick. This notifies you that the distance displayed is to the pin. This saves you time, figuring out if the device is measuring to the flagstick or another object around the green.

From my experience, this rangefinder picks up the flag marginally slower than a Bushnell. But, it is almost five times less than the price of the industry heavyweight.


While the maximum range on this device is 400 metres less than competitor devices, it is sufficient for the average golfer. With a total range of 600 metres, you will have no problem measuring the distance to hazards, doglegs and the pin, even on longer par 5’s.


The accuracy of a laser rangefinder is determined by how close to the actual yard the measurement is. With this in mind, the PF210 performs admirably. Mileseey claims that it is accurate to 0.5 metres, which is impressive, considering many premium rangefinders achieve accuracy to the nearest yard.


Your laser range finders magnification is vital for ensuring a clear view of targets from a long way out. The more magnification your device has, the easier it is to clearly detect targets from hundreds of yards away. Considering the affordable price of this device. It is impressive to see it sporting 6x magnification.

Scanning Mode

If you are faced with multiple obstacles in front of you. Then you can switch to scan mode. It provides the yardage to different points as you scan. This saves you time and prevents you from having to measure the yardage to each area of interest.


Its price tag is where the Mileseey PF210 blows its competitors out of the water. At €99.95, you will struggle to find a quality range finder, let alone a laser range finder. However, the PF210 is not only a laser rangefinder it is highly accurate and offers features that you would expect to see in a premium laser rangefinder.

Its functionality, and highly affordable price tag, make this an excellent value for money product.

Why Purchase from Cole Golf?

There are multiple benefits from purchasing a laser rangefinder online from Cole Golf. First and foremost, there are no UK import duties or taxes payable as it is shipped directly from Kildare.

Secondly, your purchase is covered by a one year warranty provided by Cole Golf. And, finally, we deliver your order within two working days by DPD.

Conclusion on the Mileseey PF210 600mt Laser Range Finder

Surprisingly, our review of the Mileseey PF210 600mt laser range finder has showcased a premium quality product at an entry-level price. Its slope functionality, flag lock, 6x magnification and phenomenal accuracy make it challenging to understand why it is more affordable than devices with similar features.

So, the bottom line is, if you always wanted a premium range finder, but could never afford it, now you can. The Mileseey PF210 600mt Laser Range Finder awaits.


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